LOTUS serving tray

LOTUS serving tray


Part of the LOTUS collection, the very last serving plate/tray I have. I am not planning to make more of these for now, so this is probably your last chance to have such a beautiful piece. It has the LOTUS symbol on it, pressed into the fresh clay which is then bisque fired, glazed and glaze fired to 1250 C degrees. Very sturdy material, yet a delicate piece.

Size: ca. 31,5 x 18,5 cm. Colour: hard to define as this matt glaze is playing in so many colours depending on light, surrounding, and your mood: from yellowish to turquoise-green and even some brownish details here and there, best to check the video and judge it for yourself :) Material: white stoneware clay glaze-fired at 1250 Celsius degrees. Food- and dishwasher safe. 

-within Sweden would cost 175 SEK
-outside Sweden and within EU 299 SEK
-outside EU 325 SEK.
If you want to order other things on the side, I suggest you to get in touch with me so I can prepare a custom order for you with discounted shipping fee. However if you want to make sure that noone else takes this before I get back to you, feel free to purchase it AND select: "pick up from studio" as a shipping option, so you will not be charged for the shipping yet. Please note that you will be required to pay for the shipping before I send all your purchased items off.

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