my ceramics are


food safe

Stating only that I use food-safe glazes would not be enough.

FYI: some glazes that are labelled "food-safe" by the manufacturer can still become unsafe if not applied and fired properly. Harmful chemicals can be leaking out of it.

I have educated myself a great deal on this and I make sure (and constantly test) that all my glazes form a food-safe surface on my ceramics. If I did not dare to use them myself, I would not sell them.


dishwasher safe

Stoneware (the clay I use) is high-fired (I glaze-fire them at 1250 Celsius degrees) which makes them stronger, more durable and the unglazed (bottom) parts non-porous, ie. water-tight, meaning that -unlike earthenware - they will not absorb water, so they should be safe to use in the dishwasher. That is how I clean the pieces I use at home too.

You should however be aware that dishwashers are quite harsh when cleaning. They use extremely hot water and abrasive, possibly corrosive chemicals to get the dried up dirt/food off your dishes. This means that your ceramic items will get quite a battering in the dishwasher, so it is not the best way to care for them :)


microwave safe

As previously mentioned, stoneware (the clay I use) becomes non-porous after the high-firing, meaning it will not absorb water. Other clay bodies (earthenware) fire with porosity and absorb water that - during microwave heating - turns into steam inside the clay matrix which will then cause super-heat inside the ceramics or pressure which can lead to fracture/breakage.  

So - in short - my stoneware ceramics should be OK to use in the micro, however I personally do not recommend you to use ceramics in the microwave, because it is a technology we know so little about and the chemistry of ceramics and glazes are so complex.

because I care

prolong the life of your ceramics

The best way to prolong the life of your ceramics is to

  1. handle with care,
  2. never place to hot oven or on open fire,
  3. change temperatures (cold to hot or hot to cold) gradually, 
  4. keep away from temperature extremes (for example, taking a stoneware mug full of leftover coffee out of the refrigerator and then heating it in the microwave is not a good idea)
  5. wash by hand (instead of dishwasher)
  6. love them and enjoy using them :)


If the ceramic you buy from me behaves unexpectedly (e.g. the glaze colour changes or it breaks without dropping it off, without exposing to temperature extremes or without placing something heavy on it, ie. breaks seemingly inexplicably), PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP
1. describe what happened and 2. send me a photo of evidence.
I will do my best to understand what happened and if we both agree it was not your fault, but the piece had some hidden faults, I will reimburse you.

!!! Compensation only applies to items with hidden faults. Any hidden fault should occur within the first 2 weeks of usage. I can not take responsibility for breakage happening after that. Complaints should be made ASAP!