Kinga Kremer


My name is Kinga. I have a degree in International Relations and Marketing Communications and none in ceramics, however I have a curious mind that pushes me to non-stop learning, researching and experimenting with and about clay. I like to call myself a "keramihacker" instead of a ceramic artist (= keramiker in Swedish). I started this journey right after the opening of my first studio (31 March 2016) and have been a curious student ever since. I had no previous experience with ceramics, I just woke up one day feeling I wanted to have a ceramics studio. Crazy - I know, but that is pretty much how I do everything.
I am a dreamer. Driven by passion. Led by curiosity.

I visualised every details of it including my business partner who I would share the space with. Everyone and everything came together in less than 6 months - the way I imagined. By the end of 2016 I had a collection of plates and serving platters that proved to be a quick sellout. After completing an order of almost 90 items for Stockholm trendiest and most popular vegan cafe (Mahalo Hälsocafet) by early 2017 I knew I found something I truly loved doing. Hälsocafet´s crowd started to find me and I (not so) slowly figured out that this was the crowd I wanted to have my brand talking to. People who care about what they eat, who are against violence, who have a true passion for loving life and every living being around them. They have been so inspiring to me that in couple of months I found myself on the road of becoming a vegetarian which I clearly never contemplated before. These people, their lifestyle have truly been inspirational to me and so have been my plates to them – they say.

My ceramics are however not targeting only the above crowd.
I have made plates with other strong statements, such as “fuckcancer” and “the more I eat, the better I look”. 

Basically I like to inspire and empower people. Think of my tableware as the fortune cookie after your meal. It will surprise you with a hidden message that will only reveal itself after you finished eating. Actually, better than a fortune cookie. Almost as good as dessert.