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My name is Kinga Kremer. I am part-owner of a beautiful ceramic studio in Södermalm, Stockholm (Sweden). I have a degree in International Relations and Marketing Communications and none in ceramics, however I have a curious mind that pushes me to non-stop learning, researching and experimenting with and about clay. I like to call myself a "keramihacker" instead of a ceramic artist...


my ceramics are most appreciated

by vegetarians, vegans, raw food eaters and yoga fans, however anyone who appreciates the art of plating or cooking will find a piece to enjoy from my collections.


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The most I enjoy about doing ceramics is to realize my own creative ideas which I am always full of. I am constantly testing, experimenting, improving and creating what is in my head and what my hands are leading me to do, therefore I do not have the time to accept custom orders.


If you want to buy a piece from my currently available or previously seen designs, but would like a little alteration, please get in touch and I will see what can be done.

If you want to buy a piece from me that was already sold or out of stock, please also get in touch. None of my ceramics are identical, so I will not be able to provide you with the exact same piece, but I can register your wish(es) and make sure you are the first to inform when a similar piece comes out of the kiln :) 

quality & care

I work with (mainly white) stoneware clay that I glaze-fire at 1250 Celsius degrees making my ceramics strong and durable. Each piece is food and dishwasher-safe.

Hi Kinga. The parcel has arrived!
Everything is in one piece :)
It´s all really beautiful and I´m very happy!!! :)
Many thanks xxx
— Naomi B, London, UK
Tack för tallrikarna, dina grejer är verkligen helt fantastiska.
— Johan L, Malmö, Sweden
I am touched to the core!
You are talented beyond belief!!!
Thank you so much for all these beautiful things.
— Dorothy J B, Dorking, Surrey, UK
My cousin loved it.
Thanks for the great craft and the quick making :)
— Jennie S, Sweden
Jag har fått paketet och dom är jätte fina.
Jag är mycket nöjd tack.
— Jane H, Mullsjö, Sweden
The box arrived!!! My daughter loved it!
It was beautiful! Thank you!
— Wendy M, Oswego, Illinois, USA

I ship worldwide

because noone should be left out :)
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new design

keramihacker new designs


People prefer custom-made over uniform, soulless massproduced products. They want a product that talks to them or holds a statement about their choices, beliefs, personality or life style. This is what I make. By hand.


You can see my latest pieces on my instagram (click on photo). Some I sell before I could upload to my webshop, some I just keep in my physical store for customers popping in. I encourage you to just browse my instagram, pick your fave (maybe take screenshots) and ask me in private about prices and shipping :) I will reply in 24 hrs.