The reason why I can not get bored with ceramics is because it gives me constant possibilities to learn and to create something new.

I am full of ideas and I enjoy testing, experimenting, improving and making new designs. Repetitive, monotonous work bores me to hell. That is one of the reasons why I do not mass-produce. I want to enjoy the process. I want to be fully present with my mind and my soul. And I want this to show on my work. So I only do small batches.

I am now offering 2 ways to buy ceramics from me:



more affordable AND

When I am not completing orders, I am enjoying a creative freedom and let my hands make whatever feels good or whatever wants to come through. I basically surrender myself to creativity. And most of my plates are actually just one-offs. Born alone in a moment of creative flow. Not repeated, not duplicated. You can buy these ready made pieces, often one-offs at a reduced price (ca. 20% discount). Read further to find out how:

To avoid spending days of photoshooting and uploading each item one by one to a webshop (which is very time consuming), I just make a video of them right after opening the glaze-kiln. I then upload the video to youtube and send out a private link to those who signed up to my newsletter. This happens normally once a month.

Opening a kiln for a ceramic artist is like opening a kinder egg for children. There is always great anticipation and excitement around. Now I can share this with you. The reason why I like to show my ceramics in a video is that it enables me to show them in almost 3D: picking them up, turning them around so you get to see from every angle before you decide to purchase. I can also show what the glaze colour looks like in different lighting by moving the object around. A still photo just would not do the same job.

Wanna be part of the people who I share my kiln opening excitement with? Wanna be the first to see my latest creations? Sign up to my newsletter!



design your own tableware
allow 3-4 weeks to complete

I created a system where you can just MIX&MATCH according to your taste but still within my style of ceramics. You can pick glaze colours, shapes, sizes and even the message that you want to appear on your item. All within a given range of course but giving you almost endless possibilities for customising. You really get to be part of the creative process. It is like I am the magician holding the hat with the rabbit in but you get to fiddle around with the magic stick and say the magic words. Fun, right?

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BUT BEFORE YOU LEAVE THIS PAGE, do not forget to scroll down to read more about payment, shipping and return before you place an order. All very important infos :)

I am offering 2 ways for taking payment

depending on your location. Either way you are only required to pay after you approved your items to be shipped. I would only ask for a 50% deposit upfront if you placed a bigger custom order, like more than 10 items.




If you live in Sweden, you can pay by Swish. I will send you all details before payment is due. I will include your receipt in the package.

You can of course also pay by card in my studio or at the markets I sell.



If you want to make a payment from outside of Sweden, I will send you my company bank account details and you can do a bank transfer online from the comfort of your home. It normally takes 2-3 days for the money to arrive. I will send you a confirmation once the money is received.


I ship worldwide

Shipping ceramics can be expensive due to its weight and the need for extra packaging to avoid breaking,
however I am using the cheapest and safest option I found for each location:


within sweden

My safe choice for shipping within Sweden is DHL. Fast, reliable with lots of pick-up points.

Price: an average* 109-199 SEK/package
*depending on weight
+ 80 SEK for packaging (see below)

Delivery time :1-3 working days
Tracking number provided!


within eu

I like to use DHL outside Sweden, within the EU because they seem to have the best prices on the market.

Price: an average* 299-399 SEK/package
*depending on weight
+ 80 SEK for packaging (see below)

Delivery time: 5-11 working days
Tracking number provided!


rest of the world

I go with POSTNORD (normal Swedish post) and its recommended mail service to send outside the EU.

Price: an average* 470-725 SEK/package
*depending on weight
+ 80 SEK for packaging (see below)

Delivery time: 5-12 working days
Tracking number provided!



I wrap every single piece very carefully and 99% of the time they make it in one piece.
However accidents can happen, but no reason to panic, your package is insured!

I charge 80 SEK for packaging/box, regardless of box size and number of items within box.

Damaged Goods

Good news is whatever happens, your package is insured!
So if you receive a damaged box, please take photos of it before opening. If the content of your box is intact, no further action is required. However if the purchased products are also damaged, please send me photos of both the damaged box and the ceramics ASAP. I will make a claim at the shipping company and they will reimburse you. It can take up to 30 days before the money arrives to your account. If you receive a box that is intact but the content is damaged (highly unlikely!), please also send me photos so that I can make the claim. In case of any of the above I am happy to accept another order from you to replace the broken items while you wait for your money back.

Custom Duties & Import Tax

When a package is shipped internationally, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges will typically be due once the shipped goods arrive at the country of destination. Buyer is responsible to pay the additional costs such as duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees. Import charges can vary widely but are most commonly based on the price and type of item, package weight and dimensions, origin country, and the taxes, duties, and fees of the destination country. Please double check with your country´s Customs Service before you place an order.

Returning an item

I always send photos and in some cases videos of my ceramics to the buyer before shipping. I make sure to show every item from every possible angle so that you can decide if you want to proceed or not.

I do not accept returns or exchanges on any items other than the ones that got damaged during transport and buyer shows proof (photos). The reason why I do not accept returns on items that arrived to buyer intact is that ceramics are very sensitive to ship (back). I am very good and experienced at packaging ceramics in the best possible way to avoid possible damages, however my buyer may not.

If you are uncertain about a product before purchase, please contact me for further information. Ceramics should be touched, felt in your hands before you buy, but unless you visit me in my Stockholm studio, sending photos is the best I can do :)