I like to show my ceramics in videos where I can show them in almost 3D. Picking them up, turning them around so you get to see from every angle before you decide to purchase. This way I can also show you what the glaze colour looks like in different lighting by moving the object around. A still photo just would not do the same job.

All prices are shown per piece, in SEK (Swedish Krona) and including VAT.
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a little Size guidance




I currently make plates in 3 sizes: S, M, L. Here you can see their inner and outer diameters in cm. Slim rim is the most common rim, deco rim is wider and decorated.


This image shows my most common bowl shapes and sizes: S, M, L and XL. I also added the diameter of their opening and their height. Please allow +/- 1 cm difference due to their handmade nature.


S size plates

I only have 6 pieces left in this size.
4 different colours and 3 different messages:
-The more I eat, the better I look (1 x spring green)
-I am vegan because I care (1 x fig grey, 2 x avocado green)
-Trust the timing of the universe (2 x fig grey)

190 SEK / each.

M size plates

Current stock in 4 colours and with the following 3 options for texts:
-Tofu never screams
(2 x avocado green, 2 x plum blue, 4 x fig grey)
-Eat more plants, do more yoga
(1 x avocado green, 3 x plum blue, 1 x fig grey)
-I am vegan, because I care
(1 x avocado green, 1 x spring green, 1 x plum blue, 3 x fig grey)

250 SEK / each.

L size plates

Only 5 available right now:
-I am vegan because I care
(1 x turquoise, decorated rim)
-Eat more plants, do more yoga
(1 x plum blue, 1 x turquoise, 2 x fig grey)

310 SEK /each



Here is a video to show you how each bowl size relates to the other, which ones you can put inside the other, etc. Order of appearance in vid: S, L, XL, S, M, S, M

S size bowls are perfect for breakfast, soup, dessert, smoothie bowls, snacks. We use this size at home most of the time.

M size bowls are like pasta bowls, but some prefer to use those for soups too.

L can serve as a fruit bowl and a bigger buddha/poke bowl.

XL works great to display more or bigger pieces of fruits. It can also be a unique center-piece on the table or a fine looking serving platter.

S size: 250 SEK /each
M size: 290 SEK / each
L size: 350 SEK / each
XL size: 450 SEK / each


-S, Yoga, grey with a spoon holder
-S, Gratitude, grey with a spoon holder
-S, Gratitude, turquoise
-S, Tofu, blue
-S, Tofu, turquoise
-S, Vegan, blue

-S, Peanut butter, turquoise
-S, Raw, speckled blue
-S, Avocado, blue - little distorted shape,
discounted price 200.-

-S, Avovado, grey
-S, Avocado, blue - little distorted, aesthetic glaze flaws, discounted price 200.-
-S, Avovado, grey
-S, Avovado, turquoise - discounted price 200.-


-L, Tofu, grey
-L, Life, grey (with a footring!)
-XL, Tofu, blue
-M, Gratitude, speckled blue
-M, Tofu, speckled blue
-M, Tofu, turquoise
-M, Tofu, speckled grey
-M, Gratitude, grey-white
-M, Yoga, turquoise


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