The reason why I can not get bored with ceramics is because it gives me constant possibilities to learn and to create something new.

I am full of ideas and I enjoy testing, experimenting, improving and making new designs. Repetitive, monotonous work bores me to hell. That is one of the reasons why I do not mass-produce. I want to enjoy the process. I want to be fully present with my mind and my soul. And I want this to show on my work. So I only do small batches.

I am now offering 2 ways to buy ceramics from me:



more affordable AND

When I am not completing orders, I am enjoying a creative freedom and let my hands make whatever feels good or whatever wants to come through. I basically surrender myself to creativity. And most of my plates are actually just one-offs. Born alone in a moment of creative flow. Not repeated, not duplicated. You can buy these ready made pieces, often one-offs at a reduced price (ca. 20% discount). Read further to find out how:

To avoid spending days of photoshooting and uploading each item one by one to a webshop (which is very time consuming), I just make a video of them right after opening the glaze-kiln. I then upload the video to youtube and send out a private link to those who signed up to my newsletter. This happens normally once a month.

Opening a kiln for a ceramic artist is like opening a kinder egg for children. There is always great anticipation and excitement around. Now I can share this with you. The reason why I like to show my ceramics in a video is that it enables me to show them in almost 3D: picking them up, turning them around so you get to see from every angle before you decide to purchase. I can also show what the glaze colour looks like in different lighting by moving the object around. A still photo just would not do the same job.

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design your own tableware
allow 3-4 weeks to complete

I created a system where you can just MIX&MATCH according to your taste but still within my style of ceramics. You can pick glaze colours, shapes, sizes and even the message that you want to appear on your item. All within a given range of course but giving you almost endless possibilities for customising. You really get to be part of the creative process. It is like I am the magician holding the hat with the rabbit in but you get to fiddle around with the magic stick and say the magic words. Fun, right?

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