My ceramics are most - but not exclusively - appreciated by

vegetarians, vegans, raw food eaters and yoga fans, however anyone who has anything to do with eating (I just included everyone!) can find a plate from my collection that talks to them. A bowl that holds a statement about their choices, beliefs, personality or lifestyle. A piece of tableware that inspires or empowers them daily. A perfect gift for that special person. That is what I make. By hand.


branch spoons


MY FAVE ACCESSORIES RIGHT NOW ! You can shop them on Etsy or pick up from my studio in Stockholm!



I enjoy testing, experimenting, improving and making new designs. Repetitive, monotonous work bores me to hell. That is one of the reasons why I do not mass-produce and I do not do the same design over and over again. Most of my ceramics are actually one-off pieces. Check out what I have on sale right now or place a custom order.

Kinga Kremer


My name is Kinga Kremer.
I like to call myself a “keramihacker” instead of a “keramiker” (=ceramic artist in Swedish).

Find out why and how I started this journey in 2016…



I only do small batches and do not accept custom orders right now, however I love to listen and hear about your ideas and needs. Do not be scared to contact me, worst case scenario is I recommend you a talented potter for your project :)

Jag har fått paketet och dom är jätte fina. Jag är mycket nöjd tack.
Jane H,
Mullsjö, Sweden

The box arrived!!! My daughter loved it! It was beautiful! Thank you!
Wendy M,
Oswego, Illinois, USA

Tack för tallrikarna, dina grejer är verkligen helt fantastiska.
Johan L,
Malmö, Sweden

Hi Kinga. The parcel has arrived! Everything is in one piece :) It´s all really beautiful and I´m very happy!!! :)
Many thanks xxx
Naomi B,
London, UK

I am touched to the core! You are talented beyond belief!!! Thank you so much for all these beautiful things.
Dorothy J B,
Dorking, Surrey, UK

Upcoming markets where you can meet me:

25 Aug, Sun 10-16
Skörde och Hantverksmarknad, TROSA

2 Nov, Sat 10-18 / 3 Nov, Sun 10-17
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I do not accept unannounced visitors in my studio,
however if you want to come along to pick up an order,
please book a time with me and I will be happy to welcome you.
Feel free to contact me through the above contact form
or call/text +46(0) 70 419 9729


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